Operational Support

AACCES, your trusted partner

AACCES advises and accompanies companies and development actors (NGO and international organizations) who carry out temporary missions or decide to establish themselves in West Africa or in the Sahel region.

A transversal offer dedicated to security

Security threats, and more recently health threats, have demonstrated the importance of risk analysis prior to deployment in the field and/or expatriation. AACCES has developed an offer dedicated to security, training and support for travelers in complex areas.

AACCES experts can be mobilized during the prospection phase as well as during the installation and/or deployment phases.

A global, modular and integrated offer

Security support

For organizations seeking to reinforce the security of their international activities or to develop new markets abroad, AACCES carries out security country watch, geofencing, monitoring and provides its clients with crisis management services.

Secure transportation

For business travelers, AACCES offers tailored services covering all needs, both upstream (training, preparation for expatriation) and downstream (setting up a support system, renting equipment, making appointments, providing office space, evacuation plan).

Capacity building for public and private decision makers

Public decision-makers

AACCES strengthens and bolsters public decision-makers capacities. Its permanent positioning in West Africa and the Sahel allows for tailored support in the exercise of their mission or in their development strategy.

Private decision-makers

AACCES draws up development plans, seeks and mobilizes funding, reacts to adaptation needs, proposes and validates solutions at each stage, interfacing with the other public or private stakeholders and securing their missions.